How to Merge Two Facts in Family Tree Maker?

In this article, we will give you all data concerning the union two facts in family tree maker. It is feasible to combine every one of the copy facts or two facts with different values.
Steps to Follow Merge Two Facts in Family Tree Maker
You want to back up your information before merging. Now and again there might be two names for a similar person or perhaps two birthplaces of a similar member. All things considered, you need to choose one which will appear in your family tree maker.
1. Open FTM 2017 on your PC.
2. Select trees or trees you need to work with.
3. Open fact, at least two.
4. Right-click on fact.
5. There will be a choice of “merge duplicate facts” and you need to tap on it.
This is the complete process for merging duplicate facts in the family tree maker. You can undoubtedly do this on your framework in any case requiring the client support at the number in the underneath passage.
General Advice:
• Before you consolidate two facts in FTM, first back up your information. Because after merging you cannot access other information.
• Because after merging you cannot access other information.
• Likewise, you can store your information on one hard disk or some other software and it is advisable too.
• It is proposed to back up routinely your information.
You can likewise require the tech offices on the off chance that you are not getting things appropriately. It is a superior office and we charge for it, you can call Family Tree Maker Help at +1-888-907-0710 for client administrations.
FAQ: Merge Duplicate Facts in FTM
Que:- How would you merge duplicates in Family Tree Maker?
Ans:- Click the name of one of the duplicate people in the index on the Family tab of the People workspace. Click Person>Merge Two Specific Individuals from the drop-down menu. A message asks you to save a backup of your file. We recommend that you make a backup before making any big changes.
Step 3 – RestoreHealth Command:-
1. Open the Start menu and search for cmd in the search field. Select Run as Administrator from the context menu of the command prompt app.
2. Press Enter to run the command DISM/Online/Cleanup-Image/Restorehealth.
3. Once the restoration operation has been finished successfully, the system will notify you.

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